Physical Property Maintenance Services

At Newgents, we provide Property Maintenance services as well as integrated resources in order to safeguard and increase the value of each and every real estate asset that your company owns. We provide a wide variety of property maintenance services in New York that are both comprehensive and affordable. These services are available for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, and they include condo management for homeowners’ associations as well as office, retail, and medical facilities. The varied members of our property management team are dedicated to satisfying the requirements of both the landlord and the tenants. We provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of Property Maintenance & repair services, ranging from getting to know each individual renter to providing support during all hours of the night and day. In addition, we keep a watch on each property’s financial state as well as its physical condition. This allows us to ensure that any minor repairs or substantial enhancements are completed as promptly as possible. In practice, we handle each property as if it were our very personal home.

What exactly is property maintenance?

Preventive and corrective measures done to ensure a building continues to serve its intended purpose and function optimally are the best definition of property maintenance.

Numerous tasks and requests fall under the umbrella of property upkeep. Maintenance requests from tenants, lawn care, HVAC system inspections and repairs, pest management, and communal space cleaning and painting are just a few examples. Due to the potential dangers posed by broken or unmaintained safety features (such as alarm systems), regular safety checks are an essential part of property maintenance.

What exactly does a property maintenance company do?

The regular and specialized upkeep of a building, complex, or campus is handled by a property maintenance business that property managers engage in. To put it simply, the property maintenance firm takes care of both normal tasks like cleaning, landscaping, and seasonal repairs as well as one-time fixes like replacing doors, repairing locks, and taking care of roof leaks. Hiring a property maintenance company to assist with routine maintenance, turnarounds, and seasonal maintenance tasks may be something you are thinking about if you want to streamline certain areas of your property management business. A website for property management called Newgent’s is available to you in New York. You have Newgent as a partner in this endeavor. Our main mission is to be of assistance to you in simplifying the maintenance of your physical property.

Our services:

Our physical property maintenance service team conducts in-depth inspections of each neighborhood to ensure compliance with maintenance standards and to prepare for the neighborhood’s long-term development. In order to ensure that the money that is spent on our associations is well spent, we review all of the contracts and develop specifications. Our long-standing, trustworthy ties with the most prominent service providers in the area enable us to perform timely, high-quality work at the lowest possible cost. The strategy includes both routine and preventative forms of maintenance.

Maintenance and a Preventative Approach:

Our number one priority is to provide preventative maintenance services for your property. The more time we invest in preventative maintenance, the less money we will spend over the long term. We take great pride in how clean our facilities are, and our program includes routine service, checklists for the mechanical and building systems, as well as continuing maintenance. We are very pleased with how clean our facilities are.

Familiarity with the complex municipal ordinances and regulations:

In the context of providing property management services in the New York City area, we are authorities on code mitigation, Local Law 1, Local Law 10, Local Law 11, and Local Law 84.

Upgrades to Infrastructure & Capital Improvements:

In addition, we will work together with you to strengthen the facility’s infrastructure by modernizing essential building systems and making capital improvements. In addition to finding you the best possible cost, Newgent will also work with you to complete all of your tasks on time and without exceeding your spending limit. This involves selecting the best general contractor, addressing any issues pertaining to the requirements of the city, and building boilers and elevators.

Why should you choose Newgent’s when you need physical property management services?

We treat the administration of your property with the utmost importance. We have a high level of respect for the entire administration of your complex, which is one of the reasons we take such good care of the property.

 If you are in need of full management services, such as on-site inspections to ensure compliance with CC&Rs, communication, maintenance bids, and supervision, we offer a program that was created specifically for you. Direct responsibility for the management of each property is delegated to a highly qualified and experienced community association manager, who is also tasked with putting the association’s management plan into action in accordance with the regulations and procedures that have been developed.

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