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Maintenance Service

Property Maintenance Service – The preventative maintenance & Repairs of your property is our first priority. The more time we spend on the front side of maintenance, the less it will cost in the long run. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our properties, and our program includes regular servicing, mechanical / building system checklists, and continuous maintenance.

Expertise in Complex City Codes & Regulations – Specific to property management services in New York City, we are experts in code mitigation, Local Law 1, Local Law 10, Local Law 11 and Local Law 84.

Capital Improvements & Infrastructure Upgrades – We will also work with you on capital improvement and key building system infrastructure upgrades. From boilers to elevators, choosing the right general contractor and complying with city regulations, Newgent will not only get you the best price, but help you get all projects done on time – and on budget.

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Providing commercial and residential property management and real estate services in New York City. All we want to do is make it easier for you to be a homeowner.