Annual Maintenance Preserves Your Investment

Our trained, experienced team provides a wide range of Annual Maintenance activities. These involve deep cleaning, construction clean up, graffiti removal and other activities you do not need on a weekly or monthly basis.

As always, we will visit your property to get an accurate understanding of your needs. Then provide an accurate quote to accomplish everything your property requires.

Annual Maintenance can include:

● Deep cleaning per request, after construction clean up
● Elevator, compactor room sanitizing services
● Boiler Chimney cleaning
● Dryer Exhaust cleaning
● Graffiti removal
● HVAC cleaning
● Trash Chute cleaning and sanitizing
● Cleaning boiler rooms and floor painting annually with Epoxy gray
● Repair / replace Roof Exhaust Fan

These activities can preserve your building, systems, and equipment to lengthen life while reducing the need for expensive repairs. Our maintenance team has been carefully chosen for professional skills and excellent reliability. We fully train everyone with classes to continually expand their qualifications.
Please contact us to discuss Annual Maintenance services for your location or locations. We will give you a quote for the activities you need or including that along with ongoing cleaning services.

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