Operations Manager

Our operation managers play an absolutely critical role at Newgent and is one of the primary contacts that your

building will have with our company. They are responsible for the transition of new clients into the portfolio in

addition to heading up vendor selection and negotiation. They are also an expert in the maintenance of all

building systems (fire safety, elevator, boiler, HVAC, façade, etc.). One of the main process is the Vendor

Relationship Management, the VRM.

Office Managers

The Office Manager ensures that

(1) Back-end systems stay on track.

(2) Documentations access are granted promptly.

(3) Customer service is always a priority.

(4) All incoming property-related concerns are routed immediately to the correct individual.


The team monitors, tracks, and makes financial recommendations for the properties within the Newgent portfolio. They rely often on the correct General Ledgers (GLs) entries. They also the first to recognize financial misalignment and carefully follows each line item – from each property – on a monthly basis. Managing the financials using the latest in software, he is able to create reports on demand and brings expertise in GAAP, compliance, and accounting. They also work closely with the other departments to build the budget from the bottom-up (based on vendors’ contracts and actual committed funds to those vendors)

Property Managers

The PMs are the faces that you will see the most often. The PMs in our company rely heavily on the VRMs, signed agreements with your building, the plan for projects and compliances.