Tax Protest

In New York City, the annual window to apply for certiorari relief is Jan. 15 through Mar. 1. The tax certiorari is an important process which presents boards with significant savings for their building and owners through reduced real estate taxes.  Challenging the New York City assessed value of your Coop / Condo should be part of your budget planning property should be an essential part of your building’s financial plan each year.

How to determine the assessed value of your property is excessive, misclassified, unequal or even unlawful?

The NYC attorneys work on a contingency basis and only earn a fee if they are able to reduce your taxes. We have seen contingency fees range from 14% to 20%.  However, Newgent management negotiated a contingent fee of 10% which is based on the tax savings.

Why Newgent?

We take the tax certiorari proceedings very seriously and plan the filings every year. Our process includes the preparations / property information and financials and sends them to the tax attorneys by early January.  This process is fully automated in our system.

Reach out to us today to get an assessment of your potential tax savings.