Local Law 69 & Annual Bed Bug

Local Law 69 was passed in of 2017 requires that all multiple dwelling property owners must attempt to obtain the bed bug infestation history from the tenant or unit owner, including whether eradication measures were employed for a bedbug infestation.

Property owners will be required to report the following information:

  1. The number of dwelling units;
  2. The number of dwelling units, as reported or otherwise known to the owner, than had a bedbug infestation during the previous year;
  3. The number of dwelling units, as reported or otherwise known to the owner, in which eradication measure were employed during the previous year for a bedbug infestation;
  4. The number of dwelling units reported in number 3 that had a bedbug infestation after such eradication measure were employed in such units.

When submitting, the owner will certify that either:

  1. A copy of the most electronic form will be distributed to each tenant of the building upon each lease renewal or the commencement of a new lease issued; or
  2. A copy of such form will be posted in a prominent location within the building within 60 days of the filing and that the owner will maintain a record that a copy of such form was prominently posted within 60 days of the filing of the information with HPD.

Once the Bed Bug Annual Report has been filed, the property owner is required to either provide the filing receipt to each tenant (upon commencement of a new lease and with each lease renewal) OR post the filing receipt in a prominent location in the building. In addition, the property owner must either distribute to each tenant or post the DOHMH's Stop Bed Bugs Safely guide, which provides information on the prevention, detection, and removal of bedbugs.

 Why Newgent?

We know that the owners and board are required by the New York State law to disclose bedbug infestation history dating back one year.  We have the information posted through our system and shared with the residents. This is why we don’t miss compliance mandated by the city agencies.